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Preparation of pumpkin porridge for weight loss

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Kyle Leon ScamAn important rule is known to all and do not try to eat after 18:00 pm.  If you decide to use a pumpkin raw, then you should know that in diseases of the pancreas and the gastrointestinal tract, is taken with caution.

Check this link – Melon menu – Throughout the period, breakfast will be of the same type, it will be dishes from pumpkin pulp and salads made from pumpkin and vegetables. To prepare the pumpkin salad, you will need to cut the pumpkin into cubes put bake in the oven, then grate the carrot or apple.

Preparation of pumpkin porridge is as follows: vegetable chop the flesh into cubes (200 g), then simmer it in water for 20 minutes. The volume of water added depends on the choice of cereals. Perhaps it will be corn or millet cereal, remember that the water level should be above the pumpkin. After extinguishing the need to add 1 tablespoon of cereal washed, and then simmer porridge pumpkin until cooked about 30 minutes. Do not add sugar and salt.

On the first day of the

· A lunch of pumpkin soup;

· Pumpkin stew for dinner.

On the second day

· To eat lunch and pumpkin soup diet chops;

· For dinner, fresh or baked apples.

On the third day

· At lunch soup with meatballs;

· For dinner pumpkin salad and pineapple.

On the fourth day

· Lunch can be cooked soup, roasted peppers;

· For dinner stew of pumpkin.  Get benefits here for Health and Fitness

At the end of the four stages over four days, this cycle is repeated, and so up to 14 days. Every day diet can finish unsweetened green tea.


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