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The sunscreens “comprehensive scale”

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The sunscreens “comprehensive scale” must now protect against ultraviolet A and B (UVA and UVB) and have a protection factor (SPF) greater than 15.

Leon Reviews Scam – In these cases, the label may include a statement to clarify that if used as directed can reduce the risk of premature skin aging and skin cancer when used with other prevention measures.

With the label “broad spectrum” ensures adequate protection against both types of radiation, while SPF provides guidance on the duration of protection. The FDA considers it misleading to note that are waterproof or sweat, so that from now on, it must state how many minutes the product remains on the skin in these conditions.

Nature of rays

Solar ultraviolet radiation has a wavelength of about 200-400 nm. Intermediate lengths (290-320 nm), known by the acronym UVB, are the cause of burns and promote tumor development in the long term.

The short wavelengths (320-400 nm), UVA, not cause sunburn, but photosensitivity reactions and dermatomes (diseases caused or aggravated by light energy) and are responsible for premature aging of the skin and to a lesser extent, melanoma development.

Some people may develop sunburn after a day of beach and be surprised that, even though they have been little time in the sun and have used sunscreen, the reaction has been so intense. Fat loss and Fitness

In this case it must be suspected that the culprit may be a drug. When following any treatment, it is worth reading the accompanying prospectus or ask your doctor to avoid problems.


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