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Sleep well, well for the heart

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The hours of sleep could be related to a greater or lesser chance of developing future cardiovascular problems – Sleeping well is usually associated with good health. In fact, adequate sleep is included in most health plans and habits preventive oriented healthy living.

Much of sleep disorders, often forgotten and generally do not allow sleep well either in quantity or in quality, or the habit of not enough sleep, are related to long-term illness. Leon Reviews Scam –

Several studies have now reached the same conclusion: if a healthy person does not sleep the hours needed there is a significant increase in the risk of coronary artery calcification, hypertension and, consequently, long-term cardiovascular problems.

The dream is the rest period of the body and mind. The awareness is suspended in whole or in part and is diminished organ function. Sleep is therefore a regenerator primary physical and mental energy. When it is disturbed, the renewal process is not carried out, so they occur, in slow and progressive changes in our ability to concentrate, in memory, in the character and mood.

An antidote for the heart: Fat loss and Fitness –

Several studies have shown so far that long-term sleep problems cannot be much worse. Changes resulting from poor sleep can trigger problems diabetes and cardiovascular, so sleep properly could be part of the recommended treatments to treat these diseases. On the one hand, experts from the University Of Chicago (USA) have found that adequate sleep duration is associated with a low incidence of coronary artery calcification, an indicator of possible cardiovascular disease.


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