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When performance is borderline intellectual

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Kyle Leon ScamSome people have a lower IQ than average, but not to the level of mental retardation. It costs them resolve work or personal problems. But this is not the most difficulty. The toughest challenge they face is the social stigma because society often is not the right way.

Check this link – This article describes what it means borderline intellectual functioning and how important is early diagnosis to establish a good treatment to increase the chances of achieving autonomous operation for everyday life.

The borderline intellectual functioning is not a disease, but may seriously hamper everyday life. Experts use “borderline intellectual functioning” to refer to people whose intelligence quotient (IQ) is between 71 and 85. The CI is a measure of intelligence which is obtained after conducting a test of intelligence:

An IQ below 85 means a below average intelligence; below 70 is considered mentally retarded, and conversely, when more than 115, indicates that the person is smarter than the average population. Most values ​​are between 85 and 115.

The causes and consequences of a lower IQ – The people at the range of borderline intellectual functioning have more problems to solve, either in work or in personal relationships. “They have a hard time finding solutions, they need help, Fitness and Fat Loss

The borderline intellectual functioning is not considered a disease. It is a label under which encompass individuals (children, adolescents or adults) with this level of intelligence for different reasons. As noted by the expert, “borderline intellectual functioning may be due to problems at birth that caused brain damage, causes congenital, a poor diet during childhood or lack of intellectual stimulation, among many causes.


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