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Students, researchers and shift workers often turn to substances to help them concentrate better and improve their performance, including caffeine – A recently published study puts in frequent practice tipped off in some sectors of society to use certain drugs or performance enhancing drugs, but do not increase intelligence.

Check this link – Although most of these are legal substances, their use is not without side effects such as conduct disorder, with mood swings, irritability, sleep disorders and even paranoid disorders.

In academia take some kind of substance to pay more is common practice. An article published in the journal “Nature” outlined this issue: the authors surveyed more than 1,400 scientists on the use of stimulants and one in five reported using more or less common a substance to enhance their performance. Among those who responded in the affirmative, 62% were taking methylphenidate, a drug used in the treatment of children with attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity, ADHD, which enhances the ability to concentrate.

44% of respondents consumed modafinil, a drug used for the treatment of narcolepsy, which helps you stay awake longer. Another 15% said the use of propranolol; a beta blocker used to regulate voltage and heart rate and helps to control symptoms of nervousness before public appearances.

This capacity increase is not without undesirable side effects, I already knew 69% of the surveyed researchers. Regular consumption of these substances can cause disruptive behavior with mood swings, irritability and sleep disorders. It also increases the risk of paranoid disorders with delusions as the main symptom. Fitness and Fat Loss

One of the most common medications consumed for this purpose is codeine, cough suppressant that high doses can be mind-expanding.


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