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Consequences of stigma of mental illness

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Stigma means having worse relationships, fewer job opportunities, and greater isolation social issues. All this has a negative influence on the evolution of the disease.

Check this link – But the stigma is worse than the “self-stigma”. The patient internalizes the rejection and decides not to pursue their desires and their aims. Then retracts and society insulates more.

For many people who suffer from depression may internalize the self-rejection to the point of not consulting with the doctor because they feel ashamed of being wrong, of being unable to cope with his life. “Many people have received so many ‘no’ throughout his life, that discriminate themselves early. Prefer not to try something because they reject them,” says the specialist.

Remove topics of mental illness

Experts explain what, in his view, the main topics to be removed around mental illness. The mental patients are dangerous and violent. It is false; some, in extreme circumstances without receiving treatment, have committed violent acts. Studies say that there are more violent. Violence only increases when consuming toxic and untreated;

People living on the street are mentally harsh. “It is also false. Not all people living on the street have a psychiatric disorder. Fitness and Fat Loss

Those affected by psychiatric disorders cannot live with others and must be hospitalized. Another topic false; many patients live with their families or alone or with other people and with support; not everyone has to be admitted to a psychiatrics; very hard to be told you cannot live in society.


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