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Borderline Personality Illness

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Impulsiveness, emptiness, fears of real or imagined abandonment, unstable interpersonal relationships, identity crisis and affective instability. These are the most characteristic symptoms of borderline personality disorder that imprison more than 2% of the population in a life full of suffering. A borderline personality disorder (known in English as “borderline”) is a pervasive pattern of instability in relationships, self-image and emotions as well as a high drive.

Check this link – The borderline personality disorder is one of the mental illnesses frequently. Involves a significant suffering, not only for the person who has it but also for their families and friends; It is necessary to diagnose and initiate treatment to prevent any self-injurious behavior that can end in a suicide attempt. The people who suffer are difficult to adapt to a job or to be consistent across the studies, often have problems with drugs or compulsive sex and suffer bouts of anger, among others.

Therefore, often they “blemish” of hooligans or addicted. This disorder was officially recognized as a diagnosis in 1980 and is difficult to detect for specialists because it can be confused with hyperactivity, substance abuse problem or anxiety disorder.

The problem lies in the personality

The problem lies in the personality, which is how to act, how to relate to their environment and interpret. Therefore, if it is well built, all areas of life are affected and wobble. The borderline personality disorder can be diagnosed in adolescence, but more often is to detect the onset of adulthood, from age 18, when the personality should be more stable. Is more common in women (70% of cases) than in men; its causes are not completely defined. Fitness and Fat Loss

On one hand, it is believed that there may be a biological vulnerability or problem between functional brain areas that regulate emotions and the most rational.


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