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Reducing the tension in your life

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According to the doctor Khaddar, some preventative treatment may minimize the effects of PMS, such as maintaining a balanced diet (eating more fruits and vegetables, and reduce salt in food not to increase fluid retention), and physical activity.

“They reduce the tension. Walking, for example, is easy and works efficiently. ”

Check It over Here – But it’s not all pain and discomfort.

The premenstrual syndrome can also cause positive effects. Psychologist Monica account that does not feel satisfied until they see the immediate return of their activities mostly on work when “those days”.

The same occurs with, manager of marketing and communication Bras. “I’m 100% focused on results.

When I’m in the period preceding menstruation, I feel that I am much more attentive and careful. I cannot go home if any issue is not resolved, “says Louisa, although he admits feeling the mood changes:” I am more impatient and intolerant, arguing for things for nothing. ”

Some research, according to Dr. Berenstein, reveals that approximately 60% of women with PMS have at least one positive symptom, as more energy to perform tasks and creativity sharper.

“A woman uses these favorable points for your personal growth. Does every rebellion, aggression and questioning – even though accompanied by some disappointment were not one of the female revolution? Health Program


– In Brazil, there are no statistics or studies that show the impact of PMS at work.


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