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The cost for each employee was real 3, used for the purchase of disposable material. The grant was extended also to the spouses of employees.

“These are tests that we only do when we already have a symptom, not a preventive manner,” says Andrea Pereira, president of CIPA Navajo.

Check It over Here – It reinforces the difficulty in finding a person who takes regular diabetes, although I believe that cholesterol already are more common.

“But for those who have always suspected something, so much that many of us had never done,” he adds.

Apart from checking the contents of cholesterol and diabetes, employees had access to posters with information about diseases, how to prevent them and treat them.

According to the manager of the health SESC Rio, Ana Cristina Pimentel, a good guideline reduces going to the medical service.

This is an important item for managing health risks and the consequent reduction in health care costs, one of the issues that most concern companies. ”

Organizations must adhere to this type of campaign to increase the well-being of employees,” says Ana Health Program

The early knowledge of existing diseases, detection of risk factors for the increased incidence of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, various cancers, diabetes and hypertension, conditions gives the various company departments, such as HR, to provide the correctness of the findings.

A company to whom the executive devotes most of his time plays a key role in the health of it, cannot stimulate or lifestyle healthier.


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