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Hidden and insidious

Almost half of the population is unaware they have diabetes and 40% is above the tolerable levels of cholesterol. The decrease in these indexes can begin by companies

Check It over Here – According to data from the Brazilian Diabetes Society, 46.5% of the population is unaware they have diabetes.

When it comes to heart, Vex Popular Institute data show that almost 40% of Brazilians have exceeded tolerable levels of cholesterol, but despite this, 61% never did a test to see how fares your.

José Carlos Ferreira, Administrative Assistant Navajo systems, the Rio de Janeiro, was a good example of these statistics.

He recently discovered that his cholesterol level was above the desirable level.

“I’ve never done this test before because I never thought I could have this kind of health problem, since I practice sports on the weekends and try to have a balanced diet,” he says.

Ferreira is now part of the group of five employees, the total of 104 Navajo who have problems of blood pressure or cholesterol.

This mapping is a result of a campaign for the prevention of diabetes and cholesterol made by the company in partnership with the Social Service of Commerce (SESC) of Rio de Janeiro. Health Program

Two doctors, a nutritionist and a nurse SESC conducted examinations and guide employees in accordance with the diagnoses of each.

To facilitate this initiative, the company supported the value of the examination.


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