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It follows, however, that may be something significant, since female participation in the labor market is increasing.

Data collected in 2000 by the Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Diesel) show that most of the economically active populations of the metropolitan area of São Paulo are women.

Check It over Here – Between 1989 and 1996, the rate rose from 46% to 50% and, in the past, reached 53%.

In the opinion of Dr. Bernstein, the disease does not receive the necessary attention, including on account of prejudices. ”

A woman with PMS is a laughingstock and often stigmatized, seen as neurotic.

The fear of being discriminated against just drifting further from the wife of an appropriate treatment, “he says.

But now there are outbreaks of a more proactive approach in relation to the syndrome.

An example is the Maternity Hospital São Luis, in São Paulo, which develops a program for managing the TPM, which participates Bernstein. Health Program

There, 75% of positions are occupied by women.

The superintendent of occupational health and hospital gynecologist, Alberto Dario says that 17% of the employees have the disease.

The aim of the service is to identify the type of TPM in which each employee passes and thus direct it to the alternative treatment possible. The goal is that, within a year and a half, there is a significant reduction of disturbances. Dr. Dario explains that, by recognizing their behavior, the employee may adjust their activities according to the hormonal moment.


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