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The Health Program – To promote health

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To promote health

And what would be the advantage of performing a check-up and not a boatload of tests followed by visits to all physicians?

Check It over Here – “It’s the first case, the person is accompanied by a multidisciplinary team, which will make a more holistic analysis of the general health,” says Lopes.

Micelle & Associates The Preventive Medicine conducts this monitoring, in partnership with the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital , with the companies that offer customers check up for its executives.

According to Gunnar Micelle Net, CEO of Micelle, this work is done within the organization through meetings, e-mails and distribution of information material. ”

Our goal is to promote a change in habits and lifestyle,” he says. The importance of this follow-up, according to Antonio Antoinette, manager of outpatient programs and the Syrian, due to the fact that there is some resistance from people in which refers to the change in lifestyle, such as changing eating habits and engaging in physical activities.

“Excuses like lack of time are common. Monitoring helps overcome these barriers.”

Among the most serious health problems identified in the check-up stand out linked to emotional stress, according to Till, the Vita Check-up. “Health Program

Skin problems – such as psoriasis, seborrhea dermatitis and dyshidrosis – are often observed, as well as gastro-intestinal problems – gastritis, esophageal reflux disease and irritable bowel – as well as sleep disorders, memory and cardiovascular manifestations such as hypertension, tachycardia’s and other arrhythmias, “he says.


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