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The health insurance companies

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Another advantage for the organization, according till, is the assurance that their investments in vocational training their executives are backed by a health condition that will ensure adequate return and greater assurance that one key professional will certainly work because of health problems in the short and medium term. ”

Check It over Here – This is very important today, since the demand for executives with the labor market, in general, is very large, which can lead to increased wear and eventual development of pathologies,” corroborates Brunei, BASF. Currently, the check-up is not covered by insurance. ”

What happens is that some companies that show good performance of the medical care provided to their employees

That is, the rational plan – rather than ask for a bigger discount from a service provider, choose to add this service to their more employees, “said Ricardo Lopes, consultant Pro Pay

When this is not possible, the tendency is to seek partnerships with hospitals or businesses that make this bridge.

According to till, the health insurance companies have not paid attention to the importance of knowing the health of its policyholders. ”

This would allow even more affordable plans offered today with a risk margin certainly less for themselves,” he says.

And while they do not assimilate this advice, the check-up is paid by the clients themselves or what happens most of the time, partly by companies. Health Program

At BASF, 90% of its value is funded by the organization. Though the cost of a check up to be relatively high, averaging 1800 to 2000 actual real Lopes points out that it is a worthwhile investment as it creates a culture of prevention.


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