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Risk of onset of symptoms

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Among women, there are still biological and social factors that contribute to a greater exposure to the problem. ”

Check It over Here – Many end up performing the more fragmented and repetitive tasks, in addition to performing activities with effort also in their homes,” said Grimalkin. In addition, they have a higher emotional liability, i.e. a higher emotional assimilate more easily than men.

The question also influences hormone enough, according to the doctor, “Changes caused by menstrual period, as the retention liquids, increase the risk of onset of symptoms, as there may be more difficult by forcing certain muscle groups and ligaments. ”

Major symptoms presented by patients with MSDs are pain, parenthesis (tingling), heaviness and fatigue – usually upper limbs, but can affect the lower limbs.

Its causes can be numerous, it is important to analyze the risk factors involved directly or indirectly (check below). Trouble is a worldwide phenomenon. Health Program

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States alone, the MSDs cause a loss of about $ 20 billion because of cases of absence from work.

The best way to avoid this problem is prevention. In this case, the role of the occupational physician is essential.

“It helps in early diagnosis, control of risk factors and replacement of workers within a health promotion program, seeking to prevent occupational health problems

Decreases the possibility of aggravation and cases, and guide those who need rehabilitation, “said Grimalkin.


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