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Occupational diseases

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Female concern

Occupational diseases affect women more. They are the most affected by so-called DORT (Osseo-muscular disorders related to work).

Check It over Here – They do not receive the same attention to diseases such as hypertension (high blood pressure), depression or stress, but the so-called DORT (Osseo-muscular disorders related to work) is the leading cause of absenteeism from work in Brazil.

Only in the last five years, have opened more than 500 000 CATs (Communication of Injury) generated by MSDs.

The problem affects more women as emotional and biological factors contribute to greater exposure to these diseases.

Although there are few statistics on the subject, according to a report from the Study of Gender Issues in Safety and Health at Work, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, in ten cases of MSDs, eight are women.

WRMD The word does not determine pathology, much less a syndrome, but refers to several diseases that can occur when there is a commitment that has Osseo-muscular connection with the work activity developed.

According to the president of the São Paulo Society of Occupational Medicine, Risqué Grimalkin, this impairment can occur from overuse of certain muscle groups in repetitive movements with or without required effort located, or the permanence of body segments in certain positions for long prolonged. Health Program

The need for concentration and attention of workers to carry out their activities and the strain imposed by the organization of labor are also factors that may affect the occurrence of MSDs,” he says.


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