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Medical and technical coordinator

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Christine Linger, medical and technical coordinator of the check up Micelle says that tests also reveal executives with high incidence of high cholesterol, overweight and physical inactivity.

Check It over Here – Till adds some data to this diagnosis:”

In a series of 1,550 executives, found 57% of the group with the overweight or frankly obese, 46% who declared themselves as sedentary, 58.5% had total cholesterol above normal; 21 % with HDL-cholesterol (the fraction of beneficial cholesterol) below normal, and 65% with abnormal levels of emotional stress. ”

The recommended interval for a check-up is annual. “But we must be attentive to every particular case.

Carriers of diseases that require closer observation should make your follow up with a doctor.

Likewise, certain preventive tests need not be repeated every year if they are normal on examination earlier, “says till.

Brunei believes that investment can bring benefits in the medium and long term, some reduction in the total cost of the health benefit. ”

If you have good health prevention in the company, therefore the cost of medical care tends to decrease. Health Program

Such awareness is important and we constantly try to take it to employees, noting that the investment made ​​by companies in medical care is increasing, as some medical services that are increasingly costly and thus is rather a topic that deserves attention.

“In the opinion of Till, the check-up allows the development of programs in health, preventive and corrective in individual and group company executives.”


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