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General Health info – Truth about dietary fibers tract

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Dietry fibersFiber is a substance, and the entire group with a common name. Operation and characteristics of the fiber fraction is not identical. Hence probably take the confusion and myths about his actions.

Diet Plan For Teens – Often, people who treat the matter seriously, diet and nutrition, logically, have doubts about how the substance to “clean up the gut”, while “swells in the stomach,” and provides a feeling of satiety. This is possible because the fiber has many names. Soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, the entire team of the substances contained in the cell walls of plants.

Human digestive system cannot digest them, nor absorbed in the traditional way, and at the same time he needs to function properly. Most of them are complex sugars (polysaccharides), also known by individual names. Not necessarily in the context of a healthy diet. Cellulose is mainly associated with the textile industry (a lot of it in cotton) and paper.

It is a brush sweep out functions in the gut. It is insoluble in water, quickly moving takes along all waste metabolic processes toxins. As a result, prevents constipation, or removes them and reduces body weight gain. It has been proven that such cleaning prevents the continuously growing tumors of the colon (part of the colon).

It is common in vegetables, fruits and grains, so a varied diet, rich in these products not only helps maintain a slim figure, but also health. Lignin although is known primarily as a form of soft tissue, is part of the wood, in a well-known form of the waste paper product. Is also present in smaller quantities, but of importance in the diet, the woody parts of vegetables and cereals.


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